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Circularchy: What Comes Around Goes Around

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer

I’m often asked, “How do you manage a team who works from home?” Answers to this question could feed a blog series for a year. Decision Toolbox is a progressive cloud company where everyone works from home. Early on we shifted from a traditional hierarchy to something we coined as “Circularchy.”

In circularchy, the client is in the middle, wrapped in support by our team. The team is served by leadership via mentoring, tools and resources. The result is a remarkable feeling of pride, fellowship, common loyalty and choreographed teamwork.


Every role in the company is critical because one serves the other. Each member of the team is continuously improving processes to help improve their service to their internal client; which then serves the external client. That gives each person on the team more ownership, pride and satisfaction. If the internal team is served well, satisfied and driving for better service; the client will benefit.

No matter what line of business your company is in, if you service clients (and we all do in some form or fashion), embracing circularchy tailored to your business model is sure to improve your client satisfaction.

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