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Nicole Cox Joins Panel to Advise UCI Orange County Graduate Women in Science

Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer, Decision Toolbox

Nicole Cox, CRO, Decision Toolbox

College students of today are confronted with the toughest job market since the Great Depression.  They face an uncertain economic outlook, rising student loans and stiff competition for entry level jobs from fellow college grads and even experienced workers.  The reality is, it takes strategic thinking to prepare for professional life after college, and a plan of action that starts long before that graduation deadline looms.

On October 16, Nicole Cox, Decision Toolbox’s Chief Recruitment Officer, will share her wisdom garnered from 17+ years in recruiting with college student members of the University of California, Irvine’s Orange County Graduate Women in Science.

An estimated 40 students will join the working session where Nicole will share advice for beginning a career in the science industry:

  • Stand-out resume tips for securing an interview
  • Strategies for gaining a competitive advantage in the interview process
  • Most common qualities found in successful science industry candidates
  • Advice on negotiating salary
  • Pointers for managing work/life balance once their career begins

The panel will also include two other members who will offer perspectives on science writing and editing, and teaching opportunities in community colleges.

We are proud of Nicole’s commitment to helping these bright young women put their best foot forward and we wish them all great success as they begin their careers.

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