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The Tin Man and The Scarecrow

By Jeff Bloch, Chief Growth Officer
And Tom Brennan, Senior Writer

Top 10 Ways to Balance Heartspace and Business Success – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog, I wrote about a challenge that’s present in all professions, and particularly amplified in HR and Recruiting: balancing the cerebral and the heart.  A challenge the Tin Man and Scarecrow would have envied!  The two sides aren’t always at odds with one another, but when they are, it can feel like you’re no longer on the yellow brick road.

Last time I shared three ways you can nurture your heartspace even when your cerebral is working overtime; as promised, here are seven more.

1. Remember the Golden Rule — In part 1 how Game of Thrones’ characters have a strong sense of honor, but often they have to set honor aside just to survive in a cutthroat world. Fortunately we’re seldom threatened at sword point! But even when, for example, you’re faced with a deadline while considering a candidates resumé, you can ask yourself, “How would I want my resumé to be reviewed?” Take it a step further: it’s an honor to be in the position of making decisions that impact people’s lives so significantly.

2. Maintain an inventory of your strengths, accomplishments, long-term dreams and core beliefs. You’ll find power in writing them down, as it helps to crystalize your thinking around these important concepts. When your heartspace is under duress, read through the list. Another idea:  End everyday by making note of your three biggest accomplishments and insights of the day.

3. Identify heroes you know personally. They’re all around you!  Identify a half dozen people you’ve met in business and personally that seem to have it all together, or at least in areas you want to improve.  Asking yourself “how would <your hero> react to this situation”. It can dramatically change your typical response.

4. Be bold! Fear tends to restrict our opinions on how much we can accomplish. Step outside your comfort zone often. You don’t have to take up skydiving, but when you feel bored or uninspired, you’ve probably been playing it too safe.  Push through that natural tendency and take a bigger risk.

5. Break the routine. Habits become shackles.  It’s good to become fast and efficient, but that can make us robotic at times. Pull a George Costanza and “do the opposite” of what you normally would do. Have breakfast for dinner. Start tomorrow by dancing to a song you love.  The wackier the better!  No videos please.

6. Have a support network. If you’re stressed or upset, sometimes just telling someone about it can help cleanse your heartspace. Even in a virtual, work-from-home environment like we have at Decision Toolbox, we have support systems. For example, each Recruitment Partner belongs to a “pod” with three or four others, and pod members meet regularly to share their challenges and insights.

7. Keep the passion alive. Passion is essential to so many aspects of our working lives. In a recent blog, Decision Toolbox’s Director of Quality, Kathy Marshall, wrote about the connection between passion and quality. How do you fan the flames? Make a list of what you love about your work, and read it when you need a boost. Use your imagination as well as your knowledge.

Hopefully these ideas will help you nurture your heartspace even as you are hitting all the numbers.  What other ideas can you share with us?


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