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Kim Shepherd to Share Tips for Work Life Balance with UCI Graduate Students

According to Kim Shepherd, Decision Toolbox’s CEO, the first concept to grasp in order to achieve work life balance is that it’s not actually a balancing act at all.  Rather, it’s an exercise in learning to plant both feet steadily and simultaneously in both your work and personal life.  Kim believes we should re-think what we’re after as really being “Life Balance.”

This is only one of many tidbits of wisdom Kim will share in a session today with students from the University of California Irvine Graduate Division.  UCI is home to many top graduate programs which are hotbeds of cutting edge research.  The students in these programs are the best of the best, and are recruited from universities across the globe.

Kim aims to empower these students with the time management skills needed for achieving work life balance for the remainder of their graduate school days and beyond, as they transition to the work force.

In her trademark humorous, storytelling style, Kim will share thoughts on:

  • The uncommon nature of common sense – re-examining the way you think about life and work
  • How to eat your elephant one bite at a time – tips on tackling big problems or projects
  • Achieving life by design – how planning and preparation are the keys to success no matter what you’re trying to accomplish
  • Real life examples of unconventional thinking and why it works
  • The trick behind achieving true work life balance – it’s mostly in your head
  • The chicken and the pig – and why contribution is different from commitment

Kim was recommended as an ideal speaker to UCI by Jon Wampler, the former CEO of PacifiCare and a prior UCI Graduate Division workshop leader. He described her as energetic, brilliant and full of ideas.

We couldn’t agree more, Jon.  Get ready to have some fun, UCI students.  You’re in for a treat.

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