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Six Ways Recruitment Partner Insourcing Trumps Traditional RPO

A Good Solution Gets Even Better

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has gained steady momentum in the last 10 years and with good reason.  The U.S. has seen an increasingly dynamic labor market, with workers changing employers more often than ever before and a strong shift toward the use of contract and part-time labor.  These trends increase recruitment activity and contribute to more companies turning to RPO due to its promise of improved quality, cost, service and speed in hiring.

But, with all of RPO’s plusses as a recruitment solution, there are also some minuses.  Decision Toolbox (DT), a nationwide provider of project based hiring and a pioneer in the RPO arena (DT introduced an RPO offering in 2000, four years before it became industry practice), has developed Recruitment Partner Insourcing (RPI) as the next generation of talent acquisition and a new way of delivering RPO that offers all of its benefits while alleviating its less than appealing aspects.

Traditional RPO vs. Decision Toolbox RPI

RPO offers many advantages to an organization such as improved time to hire, increased quality of candidates, access to verifiable metrics, reduced cost and improved governmental compliance. However, the disappointing and often frustrating features of traditional RPO can put a disappointing spin on the solution.  Decision Toolbox’s Recruitment Partner Insourcing solution addresses these concerns head-on.  Below are six ways that RPI improves on traditional RPO:

  1. Control – hiring organizations work hand-in-hand with designated DT project teams that virtually support and augment  their internal resources.  Additionally, DT provides a technology dashboard where Hiring Managers can watch the progress of their job searches in real time.
  2. No commitment – with DT’s RPI, there is limited contractual commitment and no minimum number of openings required.
  3. Scalability – DT works on-demand so organizations can launch one unique search one day and scale up for a large project the next.  What’s more, recruitment can start and stop almost immediately.
  4. Professional and executive expertise – DT has seasoned specialty recruiters aligned by job type and seniority, delivering exceptional results for exempt and senior management roles.
  5. Targeted marketing – DT’s writing team develops unique marketing pieces that position a company as the employer of choice and their opening as the position of choice for the right person. The idea is not to get everyone to apply, just those who are truly right for the job.
  6. Quality controls – DT’s RPI allows organizations to tap into a network of senior level, U.S.-based recruiters all tied together with a proprietary technology platform and a Six Sigma inspired process. A Quality Assurance representative is also assigned to each project.

The key to RPI’s appeal to hiring organizations is that DT partners with internal resources to virtually deliver recruitment solutions, expertise, technology and real knowledge sharing INSIDE of their own operations, offering increased control, quality and flexibility.  More information on Decision Toolbox and RPI.

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