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Human Capital New Year’s Resolutions: Thinking Differently in 2011

By Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox

With 2011 well underway, I challenge human resource professionals to think outside of the box this year and facilitate real business change by making several, actionable “Human Capital New Year’s Resolutions”, such as:

  • Reconnect with the highly paid professionals you downsized before you lose some of your best talent to your competitors.
  • Treat your employees as if they are your best asset.
  • Create an environment to attract the best and brightest to add to your talent pool.

In Q4 of 2009, employers took a random 20% slice out of their workforce. Many chose the 20% with the highest salaries to axe.  Now there is a big candidate bucket –‘garbage bucket’ as viewed by many. But I challenge you; did you chop some of your best due to their high salary level? Maybe that bucket is not full of “garbage”, but a mixture containing some very talented and formerly highly paid professionals you may need to reconnect with before someone else hires them.

You also need to become an employer of choice – talk to employees so they believe their position is a position of choice, strengthen corporate culture, think in unconventional ways. What is top talent? They can do more with less, they produce more, they jump higher than their peers, they are the engine of your company – they are your greatest asset so be sure to treat them that way.

After every down year, every group of C suite folks put on rose-colored glasses. You must put on a strategic leadership hat and give full commitment to change. If people are your best asset, how do you create an environment to attract and keep the best people?  The more you empower your people, the more they will produce and manage themselves.  So, I challenge you to come up with a ‘New Year’s Bucket List’ that is actionable today.

Check out “The Bite Me School of Management” videos and book for more unconventional management tips.

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