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Passive Candidates and Sexual Harrassment

You’d probably consider a CEO of a $112B company, recently hailed as one of the “TopGun CEO’s”,  as a passive candidate and highly sought after.  Then when you learn he was just ousted last week from HP for sexual-harassment charges and “expense-account irregularities”, maybe not.  By definition this candidate is now active, but you won’t find him on Monster or CareerBuilder.

Passive candidates

And therein lies a dilemma: is active versus passive truly an indicator of candidate quality?  It’s true that some A+ candidates will easily progress through their entire career without ever posting a resume on a job board.   But if quality candidates are what you’re after, then carefully build a diverse and winning sourcing strategy.  One size doesn’t fit all.  It should vary greatly depending on job type, geography and industry.    Underused sources: associations, targeted email campaigns, online groups, blog searches and well crafted Boolean searches.

Where do you find your best candidates, and how do you adjust for job type, industry and location?

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