career portal
MAY 25, 2016

Your Career Portal is NOT about Your Company

By Tom Brennan, Master Writer   If your career portal was designed with the overall goal of showcasing how great your company is, it may be missing the boat. Candidates have choices in this competitive market, and there are lots of great companies out there. To engage those top prospects, you should design career pages […]

resume guidelines
MAY 23, 2016

A Recruiter Comes Clean: If Your Résumé Misses These Four Points, I May Not Even Look at It

  By Duncan Taylor, Senior Recruiter With Tom Brennan, Master Writer Your résumé is your agent, your professional avatar in the job market, but if it doesn’t follow these guidelines, it may not make it past a recruiter’s first review. Like everyone else, recruiters’ tactics and tools are geared for efficiency. If you know how […]

feedback promotes employee engagement
APR 26, 2016

Feedback that Promotes (versus crushes) Employee Engagement

By Silver Rose It is a rare leader who understands and can provide the kind of feedback that creates an opportunity for improvement of employees’ skills, boosts morale, and results in employees’ taking responsibility for their results. Happily, there is a feedback process that builds employee engagement specifically because the employees critique their own performance. […]

APR 19, 2016

Take Back the Time: Alternatives to Multitasking

By Kathy Marshall, Director of Recruitment Quality and Client Engagement With Tom Brennan, Master Writer   It would be hard to find a job posting that doesn’t list “the ability to multitask” among the requirements. We live in a busy and demanding world and most of us believe that, without multitasking, we never would get […]

solution disruptors
MAR 2, 2016

2016 Recruiting Trends: Solution Disruptors Will Drive Career Booms & Busts

By Kim Shepherd, CEO, and Loren Miner, COO With Tom Brennan, Master Writer If you missed part 1, check it out here: 2016 Recruiting Trends: Boomers Beware! The Generation Balance has Flipped One of the most intriguing trends we are anticipating in the coming year is the rise of solution disruptors. We’re not talking about industry […]

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