don't hire people just like you
JAN 8, 2015

Don’t Hire People Just Like You

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer Hiring managers often want to hire people who are just like themselves. I run into recruiters across all industries who deal with this on a regular basis. They hear things like; I want to hire someone who has the same political views, doesn’t have an accent, went to this […]

New Years DT
JAN 5, 2015

The Week After New Year’s, Decision Toolbox Style

By Jay Barnett Decision Toolbox Founder Twas the week after New Year’s when all through DT Not a creature was still – especially not you and me Thanks to marketing, biz dev and the entire team Whose actions with pride make us swell and beam New clients are gathering at the virtual door And old […]

top 10
DEC 30, 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts for 2014

Were there times this year when you simply didn’t stalk our blog as much as you meant to?  We get it.  We’ve been there.   But never fear!  We’ve rounded up the 10 most popular Decision Toolbox blogs from this year.   Go get yourself a refill on that coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy! […]

DEC 29, 2014

Controlling Vacancy Costs: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth Big Bucks

By Loren Miner, Chief Operating Officer With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer Part 3:  Vacancies? Don’t Even Go There In this series I’ve been writing about Costly Sins to avoid in filling vacant positions. Once a job is open, it can cost your company hundreds of dollars a day in terms of revenue, efficiency, time to […]

DT philanthropy
DEC 23, 2014

Decision Toolbox Team Donates Thousands in 2014

By: Staci Detwiler, HR Assistant   Decision Toolbox (DT) has contributed corporate donations to charities for years.  In addition, a little over a year ago, we began an employee-led philanthropy program, where our team members can choose a monthly charity to support and donate directly from their paychecks.   Employees vote for the month’s awareness campaign based […]

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