meaningful job
APR 14, 2014

Don’t Dream of a Meaningful Job — Demand It

By Kim Shepherd, CEO With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer A meaningful job starts with culture Part 2 in our Meaningful Work Series.  See Part 1 here For years executives have avoided the topic of organizational culture. It’s too “squishy.” If you can’t put numbers around it, went the old school thinking, it doesn’t belong in the […]

continuous learning
APR 8, 2014

Continuous Learning: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

By Nicole Cox, Chief Recruitment Officer Benefits of and Tips to Create a Continuous Learning Environment Many organizations claim to be continuous learning environments. Does your organization claim to be and can you stand behind that label? This is a microblog so we are just going to scratch the surface of this topic in this […]

meaningful work
APR 7, 2014

Meaningful Work: Change Your Attitude or Change Your Job

By Jay Barnett, Founder and CTO With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer The Power in Achieving Meaningful Work That title makes a strong statement, but there’s truth in it. Maybe you’ve heard a version of this story: A man sees two guys with pickaxes, chipping away at rocks, with a structure taking shape behind them. Both […]

Kim Shepherd Freemasons Presentation
MAR 28, 2014

Kim Shepherd Advises Freemasons on Overcoming Adversity in Business

Masons in Business, a group of Freemasons dedicated to fostering and extending business relationships, invited Decision Toolbox CEO Kim Shepherd to headline at their meeting on March 26 to discuss overcoming adversity in business and reaching entrepreneurial success. Kim spoke to a group of about 50 business executives, with an additional live feed to over 100 international […]

sourcing strategies
MAR 26, 2014

Spelunking for the Stars: Game-Changing Sourcing Strategies

By Paula Dorn, Director of Sourcing With Tom Brennan, Senior Writer Part 3 in our series - Sourcing: Tracking Down Hidden Talent The stars your company (or client) needs to hire aren’t all twinkling in plain sight. Some are hiding in the deep, dark corners of cyberspace. That’s why deep-dive sourcing strategies are fast becoming a […]

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